Fire Prevention for Your Operation

Safety is the most important part of all our jobs, and October is Fire Prevention Month. Make sure you’re keeping your people and your operation on top of any and all fire safety practices. 

Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems, and Smoke/CO2 Alarms

Be sure to perform all required updates and inspections of fire safety equipment in and around your facility. Make sure fire extinguishers are regularly inspected and replaced. Be sure to keep your alarms in working order. Make sure your sprinkler system is inspected and responsive. 

Emergency Training

Be sure to train your people on emergency protocols, including emergency exits, escape routes, and responsiveness. The more your people are aware of the path and action they should take in the event of an emergency, the more you’re giving them the chance to stay safe. 

Materials and Heat Sources

Make sure that your operation never allows compromise for fire safety. Smokers should take their breaks far enough away from the building and any flammables that they don’t put the facility at risk. Any flammable or toxic materials should be handled according to OSHA standards. Heat sources should be given adequate space to operate. Filters and ventilation systems should be kept clean and free from debris. 

Practice Makes Habits

The more you practice something—making something a part of your regular routine—the more it becomes a habit. As you implement safety standards into your operation, find ways to make them a regularly communicated and practiced behavior. Make sure that heat sources are separated from flammables. 

The best way to prevent accidents is with the regular habits we build into our operations. When safety is a habit, it’s a reflection of the value we place on our people.


At Olsen Chain & Cable, we are equipped to outfit your operation with the lifting equipment and operational support to make sure you are working safely and effectively at all times. Contact our City Desk today to see how we can help you make safety and efficiency a priority for your operation. 

Olsen Chain & Cable will be offering our final Advanced Rigging Certification Training of 2023 on November 14 and 15.  

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