Safety in the Construction Season

The construction season is about to ramp up. That means that the demands on your people, your equipment, and your operation are also about to ramp up. And that means that it’s also time to make safety a part of our conversation.

Productivity + Safety = Performance

We all know that safety standards can sometimes feel like they get in the way of our productivity. Shortcuts in equipment use or maintenance and bad habits or outright laziness from our teams often make us feel like we’re getting more done. The unfortunate reality is that, often times, it takes an accident or near-miss incident to wake us up to the realities of safety on the worksite.

This starts with training your people. 
It’s maintained by inspecting your equipment. 

Train your people. It’s that simple.

Every time a person on your team fires up equipment or attaches a harness, they should be operating out of the habits they’ve established through their training and with equipment that can meet the demands of their job. 

As the construction season begins to increase in activity along with its demands on our people, our companies, and the equipment we rely upon every day, let’s make sure we’re taking safety as seriously as we take productivity. Let’s make sure our people know exactly what they can do to protect themselves in any and every situation. Let’s ensure that we’re equipping our people with the right materials and equipment to adequately adn safely perform the functions of their jobs. And let’s make sure we’re maintaining our equipment with inspections, service, and repairs. 

Instead of waiting on unforeseen circumstances to make safety a normal part of our workday, we need to be implementing regular systems and routines for protecting our people. We need to train our people. We need to maintain our equipment. We need to make safety our priority. 

Chain Slings Inspections OlsenChain Slings Inspection from Olsen Chain & Cable

It’s a great time to get your chain slings inspected and repaired before the busy construction season starts. To make sure your chain slings and safety equipment are ready to perform this construction season, contact our City Desk inspection crew. 




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