Transport Safety

As the construction season turns a corner with spring’s first appearance, it’s essential that our safety procedures remain front and center in all we do. This includes the protocols for hauling and transportation.

Load Securement

In terms of hauling and transporting, there are two types of load securement methods to consider for hauling.

DirectTiedownIndirect Tiedowns are tiedowns that pass over or through the cargo, with both ends attached to opposite sides of the vehicle. If using, you can count the full value (100%) of the WLL (working load limit) for those tiedowns.

IndirectTieDownDirect Tiedowns have one end attached to an anchor point on the vehicle and the other end attached to the cargo, or with both ends attached to the same side of the vehicle. If using, you can only count one-half (50%) of the WLL (working load limit) for those Tiedowns.

Road Restrictions

The Department of Transportation puts restrictions on load limits and hauling, and it’s up to your operation to track those restrictions and keep in compliance. If you’re not sure when and where you’re allowed to haul, pay close attention to your local restrictions, limitations, and calendars. Keep in mind that local governments and municipalities often have their own restrictions to be considered in addition to state standards.

Depending on the severity of winter temperatures, road restrictions and limitations vary from year to year. But generally speaking, the Department of Transportation sets guidelines in place to give drivers a guide for their operation.

For MN-DOT Load Limits

For a Map of Minnesota Load Limits & Restrictions

 The responsibility for safety of our lifting, manufacturing, and construction operations falls upon all of us. From knowing the right equipment to use to ensuring its safe operation through training, inspections, and maintenance, making safety a priority is a daily, and even hourly, job.


Minnesota OSHA Grant 

Did you see that MN-OSHA has made up to $10,000 available for safety-focused projects?
Many operations are choosing to apply these funds to ergonomic lifting solutions such as a workstation crane/hoist. At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re equipped and ready to help you make the most of this opportunity. 



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