Construction Safety - A Job for Everyone

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we firmly believe that safety is everybody’s job.

From company owners and their responsibility to make equipment, training, and maintenance a priority to every level of supervisor and laborer to keep operations moving along.

Safety as a Company Priority

When management and leadership prioritizes safety, it’s a statement of the value they place on their people. While many crews resist safety training and need regular (or constant) reminders of safety gear and OSHA standards, that does not change the need for regular, consistent safety standards. Your employees need you to make that a priority. It’s part of the responsibility you take when you put them to work.

Safety as a Personal Mission

The people you work with rely upon your safety standards every day. Maybe it’s people on your crew trusting you to drive them safely to a worksite. Maybe it’s about how heavy equipment is being operated or how regularly and thoroughly inspections are being carried out. The more that you can make safety a part of your every day, the more you’re able to protect the work environment of the people to your right and left every day.

Safety as a Promise

A big part of the process of recruiting new employees and hiring new workers is the incentives you offer your people. Alongside generous pay, robust benefits packages, paid time off, and other advantages to working for your company, have you also promised them safety? Safety as an incentive and a benefit in your recruiting communicates your values from the day they meet you. And while it’s a company’s duty and responsibility to prioritize safety, it’s also their privilege. Employees are loyal to companies who are loyal to them.


Safety on the job site is a job for every single person in your company. From the standards you set to the schedules they keep, every square inch of your operation needs you to be intentional with the safety equipment, procedures, and systems you set in place.


To help ensure your operation is operating safely, talk to Olsen Chain & Cable.
Our qualified team can equip you with the training, expertise, maintenance schedules, and equipment you need to keep your promise to your employees.


Learn more about how to make safety a priority on your jobsite at the Construction Safety Week site.  

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