Safety as the Highest Standard

At Olsen Chain & Cable, everything we do is about safety. Keeping operations safe is simple. It's about the right equipment, the right maintenance, and the right training. 

The wrong equipment is the wrong solution every time, and poorly or improperly maintained equipment is dangerous. But of course, no matter how adequate the equipment or how strong the materials, the absence of training can be the difference between life and death for your crew.

Because of this, Olsen provides equipment training for individuals, crews, and entire operations.

The Risks Above

People need to be looking above them, at the risks that are overhead. Your people should always be properly outfitted with safety glasses and hardhats. They should be intentional about not walking underneath volatile loads or beneath areas where they’re blind to the risks overhead.

The Risks Below You

Overextending the load limits of production surfaces or using equipment like scaffolding improperly can cause serious damage. Further, unstable or slippery surfaces can instigate serious workplace accidents. Be sure that workers are paying attention to what’s below them, so that every step they take is intentional.

The Risks in Front of You

Whether it’s paying close attention to the working load limit of every cable, sling, or lifting configuration or it’s working collaboratively to make sure other workers are properly harnessed, workers should be looking in front of them at all times to make sure they’re protecting themselves and each other.

To make safety a priority, your people need to have their eyes open to risks all around them. And while it may seem challenging to make it something that your people take seriously, if you’re consistent enough, it will become a habit.

Have you regularly engaged your workforce in equipment safety training?
Contact the Olsen Chain & Cable City Desk to move toward the maintenance and safety protocols that protect your team.



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Olsen Chain & Cable is proud to partner with other companies who are leading the way in quality manufacturing of lifting and securement equipment. Crosby Straightpoint is making their message of "Know the Load!" front and center, making safety in lifting operations the highest priority. Learn more about what they're doing at

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