To Safely Lift Your Toughest Loads

Offering fitting, eye, hardware and other options on manual and powered heavy lifting equipment.

Olsen Chain & Cable rigging equipment provides the safety and reliability you depend on with service that ensures a solution to meet your needs. From heavy lifting chains to synthetic slings, we have the right equipment to lift any load. 

Synthetic Webbing Slings

A synthetic webbing sling-made of polyester or nylon yarns-gives you firm control over objects with a non-abrasive, strong material.

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Synthetic Round Slings

We offer many weight ratings and slings to safely handle a variety of size, type and capacity of load.

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Wire Rope & Cable Slings

Olsen Chain & Cable wire rope and cable slings are strong, bend without distortion, safely grip and lift even hot materials, and are built to handle abrasive wear.

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Alloy Lifting Chains

Olsen lifting chains are ideal for safely lifting high-temperature loads or operating in extreme conditions that would destroy other types of overhead lifting equipment slings.

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Avoid downtime and safety hazards with our lifting equipment inspection services. 

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Get equipment fixed right the first time with our hoist and hydraulic pump refurbish services.

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Balance budgets and regulations with our OSHA compliance consulting.

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